“My 250-bed post-acute / long-term care facility is part of a large academic healthcare system, but we have never been introduced to a product or process that provided us with the outcomes iGiuard has delivered. The benefits stretch across department lines for staff members as well as patients and residents. Our infection metrics have significantly decreased; at the same time, we have eliminated the “winter frights” of needing to quarantine the facility due to influenza threats, etc; it’s business as usual! I like to think that iGuard has contributed to many of our quality measure outcomes, which have led to our facility being ranked a 5-STAR facility by CMS for the fourth consecutive year. I track the cost of our infections each month, and I owe iGuard the credit for largely reducing our clinical costs, which has put a big smile on my face!”

John R. Pulliam, MBA, LNHA

Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods

Emory Healthcare of Emory University

Atlanta, Georgia




The time to prevent the spread of infection is before it becomes a crisis!

There are immediate steps every healthcare facility can take to prevent the spread of infection:

  • Don’t depend entirely on people-oriented solutions – Solutions are available that work without people and processes.
  • Disinfecting is more than just cleaning the room – Disinfectants are inadequate due to the application process and human error. iGuard offers hydrogen peroxide room fogging for total room disinfecting.


Our system is the first dry fogging system that is EPA validated as effective against Clostridium difficile spores.


  • Long lasting protectants create self-sanitizing surfaces for 24/7 protection – Self-sanitizing surfaces aid in reducing dangerous pathogens when they come in contact with the surface.  iGuard is proud to offer a self-sanitizing surface coating system that disinfects the area and then provides a coating protectant for long lasting clean and safe surfaces.
  • Not all new technology is cost prohibitive – New technology is available to take control and prevent HAIs without breaking the budget. iGuard offers a touchless hydrogen peroxide disinfectant and self-sanitizing surface coating system. iGuard will work within your budget to find a solution to meet the needs of your facility.