Hydrogen Peroxide Room Fogging

What is HaloMist Fogging?

The Halo Disinfection System is an electrically operated device for the simple and effective aerosol application of activated hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. The fogged aerosol particles are positively charged and go up, around and under all exposed surfaces. Since the fogging by products are water and oxygen, no post fog wiping is required.

How the Solution Works

The Halo Fogger delivers hydrogen peroxide and silver disinfection synergistically, releasing highly reactive free radicles that oxidize the microbial cell wall of the pathogen and destroy the DNA and RNA. The fogging process is harmless to surfaces and substrates to include stainless steel. The fogging by products are water and oxygen and no wiping is required after completing.

The Halo Fogger is easy to handle and is fully automatic.  After sealing and prepping the room, all that needs to be done is select the estimated room volume, adjust the timer and switch on the device. Within just a few minutes, the HaloMist disinfectant will be dispensed in a very fine dry mist, effectively killing all dangerous pathogens present in the room.

Brochure: Halo Disinfection System Room Fogger

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Benefits

  • Proven means of lowering bio-burden and reducing HAIs
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi; including mold. EPA registered to kill 99.9999% of C-Difficile spores.
  • Push button automation makes it safe and simple to use
  • A 2500 Cu ft room can be fogged in 15 minutes.
  • Covers all exposed surfaces that manual cleaning or UV will not reach
  • Reduces labor costs of terminal cleaning
  • Considerably less expensive than other HP systems on the market