“We made the decision to treat our facility with the antimicrobial smart coating because the science and the cost made sense to us. With a patient population that is fragile and at risk, any additional protection is worth the cost. My ICP convinced me products like the iGuard antimicrobial coating are the future of infection prevention.”

Vivian Goff, CEO
Landmark Hospital
Athens, GA

Today healthcare leaders are more aware of infection control than they were 10 years ago. Healthcare workers are trained to maintain higher standards of hygiene. Widespread increase in multi-drug resistant (MDRO) pathogens that cause infections are present in all areas of healthcare facilities. Maintaining a sanitary work environment is essential to the health of patients, visitors and staff. Medical studies show that environmental disinfection is a major factor in reducing healthcare acquired infections.  The findings show:

  • environmental surfaces act as reservoirs of microbes
  • hand washing by workers can control but does not eliminate surface contamination
  •  dangerous microbes take days, weeks or months to die
  • reducing the microbial bio-burden is critical

 Prevention, protection and control are the keys to reducing the spread of infections. iGuard’s novel technologies provide a complete system that controls, prevents, and protects from infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide Room Fogging

The Halo Disinfection System is an amazing technology that delivers whole room surface disinfection designed to supplement infection prevention measures, like manual cleaning, with safe and powerful surface disinfection. The HaloFogger is unlike H2O2 delivery systems that have been on the market for many years and take hours to complete. The HaloMist is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver that synergistically, releases highly reactive free radicles that oxidize the microbial cell wall of the pathogen and destroy the DNA and RNA. The fogging process is harmless to surfaces and substrates to include stainless steel. The fogging by-products are water and oxygen and no post fog wiping is required.

Self-Sanitizing Coating System

The iGuard coating system is completely unlike conventional approaches to antimicrobial surfaces. Conventional approaches use toxic chemicals, heavy metals or dilute poisons to kill microbes. The coating system is a 2 step process that includes a an EPA approved touchless disinfection system and a light activated microbial coating protectant. The self-sanitizing coating is electrostatically applied to ensure complete coverage. The coating acts as a photocatalyst to trap and oxidize all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores through the production of hydroxyl radicals, one of the most powerful oxidizers of organics. The finished surface treatment is a transparent, long lasting coating that provides ongoing protection against dangerous pathogens for one year.