Can Staph Infections be Prevented in Contact Sports?

Dr. Robert Dimeff, director of primary care sports at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, says contact sports raise the potential for staph infections. The skin gets broken by a hit or a scratch and the bacteria gets in which leads to an infection. It has been reported that there have been outbreaks from wrestling[…]

Infections are Easily Spread on College Campuses

Two student cases of MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, were recently reported at the Ferris State University main campus. How did this happen? Where did it come from? The cases were reported early last week and school officials said the cases are believed to be unrelated. What can officials do to make sure this doesn’t[…]

Infection Detection

Everybody has felt it before, waking up with a congested nose, your throat sore as if you swallowed nails, and the dreaded coughing that follows. These are just a few of the common symptoms that people feel every year. Yet, these symptoms can be caused by more than just one thing, and that’s what has[…]


Sepsis is caused by an immune response triggered by an infection. The infection is most commonly caused by bacteria, but can also be caused by fungi, viruses, or parasites. Common locations for the primary infection include: lungs, brain, urinary tract, skin, and abdominal organs. Sepsis is the #1 killer of hospital patients.  It may occur[…]

I Have Never Had the Flu… Have You?

I do not want to get the flu!  What should I do?  The absolute best way to stave off the flu is to get a flu vaccine each year.  It doesn’t hurt at all. There are two types of flu vaccines.  The nasal spray contains live, but weakened virus sometimes called LAIV for “Live Attenuated[…]