“We looked at touch screens in hospitals recently and found them to be heavily contaminated with organisms such as MRSA. You might wipe them down quickly but I don’t think they get thoroughly decontaminated in anyway.”
Touch Screens in Hospital Settings; University of Arizona
Research Report; Charles Gerba, MD Infectious Disease



iGuard’s two step system has the ability to kill microbes on contact, safely and continuously which makes it one of the most important new tools in the control of transmitted infections.

• One treatment with iGuard’s system provides germ protection for 1 year
• iGuard’s antimicrobial effect isn’t diminished by disinfecting or cleaning process
• The iGuard smart system keeps surfaces clean between cleanings
• The iGuard system is safe to use on any surface, including electronic equipment
• The iGuard fogging and electrostatic spraying process ensures complete surface coverage
• The iGuard treatment is nontoxic and safe for humans and the environment



Brochure: Coating Computers